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My boyfriend has been battling this without knowing it for so many years and was just recently diagnosed. Hardly anyone in my life knows about it because it's such a secret.. who is bipolar, but it happened and I wonder why I was chosen because some days it truly is difficult and draining. A couple of weeks ago though he told me something huge about himself; he is bipolar. My marriage to my wife has been the roller coaster ride of a lifetime, I'm waiting for my divorce to be finalized. Then he started being distant and sad and escalated to a panic attack so bad he was vomiting blood. Being the girlfriend of a mixed mood hypo-manic bipolar victim is really freaking hard. I just became a member on this forum after finding you guys on a google search for ''dealing with bipolar... About two months ago (wow, has it really been that long? He is cute, funny, nice, caring, charming and so my "type" that it's insane.

I stopped seeing him, and yet feel as though it was the specific behavior that turned me off, and that I still don't know how I feel about his being bipolar.

Hey, I'm in a long term loving relationship with my boyfriend who has bipolar and personality disorder and yes it can be a massive struggle!

I love him dearly, but some days it is difficult, then I think that every relationship has it's ups... I feel like he doesn't love me and he just sees me as convenient and someone to control, he liked the fact i was hard to obtain... He always brings up how "I have a bunch of boyfriends" and assumes im cheating but im not! since I witnessed my first bipolar "manic" episode from my boyfriend. We have a long distance relationship and I love him so much he is the first guy I have ever... 2) You forget what a short-distance relationship feels like.

There are some things you must understand about Bipolar Disorder before you can make any decisions about your boyfriend.

Yes, the divorce would cause him to feel more depressed or manic but it would not cause his diagnosis.

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Ive arrived to the conclusion i must accept him as he is or i will become mad.

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