Dating and travelling together

There may be lulls in conversation, times where you’re just chilling reading a magazine. Any woman who can pack for poolside lounging, exploring sites, activities and a nice dinner in a carry on is a keeper. In this case, a larger suitcase and one smaller bag are acceptable. From the beach we went to the pool, had a bite and some drinks. Remember, the purpose of the first time vacation is to see if this is a person you can be with for extended periods of time. I went away with a man after knowing him only a month. The same great treatment I’ve been getting from him since we took friendship to a romantic level. We (aka: ME) are a little stressed and concerned about how deal with our finances on the road.I am very uptight about my money and how “my” money is spent.On a date, we often present our best faces to our partner, and that may give an unreasonably composed picture of who we are.On a trip, it’s harder to keep that façade up for a long time. Which brings us to the next point: You learn more about the other person’s approach to projects (Credits) In many ways, your future life together is going to be a huge project.I’ve always thought that people who travel fall into two camps: the first is made up of the Type-A, super-organised, multiple-itineraries-all-colour-coded kind of people, and the second of the spontaneous, let’s-go-there-first-and-figure-it-out-later types.When you’re travelling as a couple, what this means is that it can really make or break your relationship.

"For instance, many smaller, independent hotels offer activities like culinary and walking tours that solo travelers can sign up for if they want to join a group of like-minded travelers.

Problem is it can take months before your first jaunt.

Then there’s all this invested time down the drain once you see this person in their raw, real truth.

That said, travelling with your partner is one of the most rewarding things that you can ever do together.

More importantly, it’s really going to prove whether you’re suited for each other in the long run. It forces you to be in each other’s company 24/7, which gives you a better sense of the other person’s habits How much time do you spend with your partner?

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There’s dating and then there’s living with someone in a hotel room for days.

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