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"Eventually these things, like works of art, end up getting bought by some billionaire and go into some secret closet so nobody can know about it." Now, Fogerty has been reunited with the long-lost instrument.Fogerty first got a Rickenbacker in 1967 when he was still on active duty in the Army.

Mc Cartney used his 1963 bass almost exclusively during The Beatles’ touring career, using his 1961 bass (which was repaired and refinished in 1964) as a backup.

Something with a bit more bottom end than my other guitars, without getting tubby (like some rosewood Martins, at least to my ear).

Given my taste for nice Martins and boutique instruments, I spent way too much time browsing at the usual rosewood suspects online: various flavors of new and vintage Martin D-28s, Collings D2Hs, Santa Cruz D/PWs and Tony Rice models, and similar offerings from Huss & Dalton and Dana Bourgeois.

When I was in college in the mid-90s, all I wanted was a Rickenbacker electric guitar.

While most 20-year old guys have pin-ups of women in bikinis in their room, I had a picture of a blonde Rickenbacker 381 on my wall.

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