Is it true that harry and taylor are dating

Here's a selection of some of the best tweets:@Europe Love JDB: they are rumours going around that Harry & Taylor are dating. 1"@i Nialls Furby: "Harry && Taylor were wearing the same necklace, that means they date" Harry && I have matching phones, so are we dating too?

Twitter users were quick to react to the rumors that Taylor Swift and Harry styles are dating again.Related Articles: UZJf6 — Taylor Swift News (@taylorswiftooyu) September 29, 2016 Taylor Swift dating Prince Harry would be a nightmare for Duchess Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth.When the queen first heard that Taylor Swift was trying to make her way into the royal family, she was allegedly unhappy with the news.I need that time to process the idea & to buy enough band aids to fix my broken [email protected]: Unless Harry, Taylor, or any of the boys confirm anything IT"S NOT TRUE! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were dating briefly last April, but broke up after Styles cheated with model Emma Ostilly and photos of the two kissing i New Zealand surfaced [email protected] Babe: "Can Harry & Taylor Swift please date because I totally ship Haylor! Rumor has it that this time around, Styles and Swift are much more serious about their relationship.

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