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After an i OS 10 glitch left i Phone users unable to update their devices over wifi, forcing them to connect the smartphone to a Mac or PC via USB.Users have complained about terrible battery drain, and slower speeds since updating to the new operating system.

Some users say their i Phone shows No Service after the i OS 10 update, especially for T-Mobile customers. Hope this guide can help you fix i OS 10/i OS 10.1/i OS 10.2 no service issue successfully.Among the possible reasons as to why your i Phone is showing No Service error include the following: Another factor that can inflict problems acquiring network service or signal as manifested by the No service error prompt is a damage to the hardware.For example, your i Phone’s network component is damaged after a hard fall or exposure to moist or liquid. The solutions introduced in this content are comprised of general solutions and workarounds that are used to deal with no service or no signal issue on the i Phone 6s Plus. Considering the possibility of a bad SIM card causing this problem to occur on your i Phone, you can consider checking the SIM card as your first troubleshooting method. To test if the SIM card is damaged or not, you can try inserting it on any other compatible device (if available).Some other reasons for no service on i Phone are damaged SIM card, the fact the card is not properly placed in the tray, or a software bug. Before you start solving the problem by trying out the solutions we have listed below, make sure you are in the area that has network coverage.Also, contact your carrier to make sure your account is active.

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